5 Best Apps for Learning English Vocabularies


Learning new words can often be an exhaustive and painstakingly boring process. Especially when the words you are trying to memorize have little to no connection to your daily life or emotions. The best way to memorize a word permanently is to keep reading until you have encountered the word enough times and with numerous types of usages. But what can you do if you are given a list of 1000 words to learn within a short period of time? Or perhaps you just want to enrich your lexical resources as soon as possible. Here are some cool apps to make your learning of new words painless or even fun. All you need is a minute or two while drinking your morning coffee or waiting in the traffic!


  1.  Bangla Dictionary

Before you get disappointed seeing the universal & most obvious app for language learners making the top position on my list, let me tell you, this app is more than just a dictionary. Unlike conventional dictionary apps, it shows you the meaning of a word just by simply copying it, you do not have to open the dictionary and paste the word in its search bar. Not just that, you can add a word to your favorite and learn it later when you have time. It provides you with the history of all the words you’ve looked up so far and also tells you if the word you are learning is a GRE word or not. You can listen to how the word is pronounced and add a note as a mnemonic. Sentences containing the word with different usages are also given along with the synonyms and antonyms. This is a must-have app for all vocabulary learners.

2. Anki Flashcards

If you haven’t already heard of the flashcards; they are just simple cards bearing information on both sides. It is a common & effective practice to use flashcards while learning new vocabulary. Usually, one side of the card contains the word and on the other side, the meaning of that word is written. You have to guess the meaning by looking at the words. If you fail, you are allowed to flip the card back and learn it once again. Repeating the process will eventually make you remember the words permanently. Anki is similar to flashcards but with an efficient spaced repetition technology. You may guess the meaning of a word in a second, but another word may take you a few more. It is inefficient and utterly boring to revise the words which you have already mastered or are close to mastering, as many times as with the words you are yet to be good with. Furthermore, according to the experts, there should be a definite time interval between reviewing the words after once had been done so. Anki will show you a word and you have to swipe right if you can guess the meaning of that word in your mind, or if you have any doubt, you can swipe left to see the answer. This app will count your response time and determine the recurrence of the word according to it so that you can emphasize only learning the words which took you a long time to respond to or which you couldn’t guess the meaning of.


3. Vocabulary.com

So you have finally memorized a bunch of words and now wondering if you can use those words according to their meaning in the sentence, or if you just want to test yourself with questions similar to the Verbal Tests on those specific words, then you have to get this app on your phone. It lets you create lists of words you would like to learn or quiz yourself on. Creating the list is pretty easy, all you have to do is write all the words separated by commas and copy-paste it in the input box. You can also find lists of high-frequency words for tests like IELTS, TOEFL,GRE, etc prepared by other people. Sharing your lists with your friends and seeing their progress is also a great option.  Moreover, it is equally effective for learning new words. Vocabulary.com combines the world’s smartest dictionary with an adaptive learning game that will have you mastering new words in no time.

4. Magoosh Vocabulary App

This is ideal for students preparing for tests like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL and SAT, etc. Test prep experts carefully chose 1200 words most likely to appear in the test. Each word contains its pronunciation, meaning & different usages within real sentences. It starts with low-difficulty words and as you keep learning new words, the difficulty level spans. One of the best features of this app is being able to learn with your friends. You can compete against each other over the words you’ve both learned in the app or you can see the overall progress of your friend and compare it with yours. It creates an interactive learning environment to keep your interest at the best. Learning a word successfully rewards you with a certain number of scores which can encourage you to learn further.

5. WordUp Vocabulary

This is a wonderful app to enrich your word-stock while simultaneously entertaining yourself to the fullest. It creates a list of words you need to learn based on an assessment given at the beginning. For each word, it provides entertaining video & voice clip examples from popular movies, tv shows, songs, famous quotes and more. It lets you learn words in order of importance and context. Wordup also follows the spaced repetition technique and gets rid of the word as soon as you finish learning it. You can read news and other articles on this app and it will auto highlight the unfamiliar words for you. It provides a simple clean interface and visuals making it easier for the users to work with.



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