5 common interview questions & tricks to answer them wisely!

Imagine, you’re on an interview board and the panel asks you confusing questions one after another, making you suffer from a lack of confidence! This is a common scenario for all the candidates as the interview is always very tough.

Research shows that some questions in the interview board come up time and time again but candidates are still so confused to hold these questions. In this blog, 5 common interview questions and their tricky answers are going to be discussed. Take a look — 

1. Tell me about yourself:

This is the most common question asked to a candidate when he/she entered the interview room. Interviewees are getting diffident hearing these types of questions. The interviewers want to see how you handle this “easy but tricky” question. Here, you have to remember that they’re not looking for your life story. So, you have to pick some key points here and answer them confidently. This could be your skills, passions, expertise fields. Enough practice and confident answers can help you handle this type of question.

2. Why should we hire you:

Be ready for this question in an interview. Here, the interviewers want to know your dedication, working-level and time management that should be given to their company. Many candidates can’t answer this question. Even though they have the ability to work with the company, they can’t answer or express them properly. So, tell them that you are fit for teamwork, you’re confident and capable of for their required posts.

3.What are your salary expectations:

Interviewers often ask this tricky one for some purpose. They want to know if they can afford you or not and want to know how much you give your work and yourself. The best result is, your salary should be flexible or you can say it in your required range.  You can research the range also. You should value your works to say your required one. However, you should discuss with the interviewers about your responsibilities, work experience to fix your proper salary.

4. Why you’re interested in working in our company:

In this part, you should tell them about your interest, why you apply for the specific post in their company. Maybe it is your dream job, maybe you just need a job nothing else or it may be anything. So be humble, honest and confident to face this question perfectly.

5. Do you have any queries:

This question is asked basically in the last time. The interviewers want to hear from you now. This question offers a relationship between you and the interviewers. So, you can ask anything about your work, duty or your company. Demonstrate your interest and experience. You can also research the company so that you can easily ask any questions to them. But keep in mind, it should be said in a natural, authentic and confident way, not like the rehearsed or scripted one.

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