Automobile Gearbox Parts Study


(Gearbox Basics) 

Car engines always comes first whenever we are thinking about the internal parts of a car but the most essential work of moving it forward in linear motion is mainly carried out by the gearbox. That’s basically the task of converting the rotary motion of the engine being collected from the crankshaft is completed by the gearbox receiving it through the clutches.



Car engine provides the initial torque to a car to start its operation but the initial torque provided by the engine isn’t enough for a car. The car needs more torque to start its duty and that extra torque is generated by the gearbox with help of the initial torque provided by the engine and as a result the car can start its operation. The gearbox performs the duty by shifting of the gears on the driver’s choice as a result the speed gets controlled. This function of gearbox is mainly called power transmission.


Main Parts of a gear box:

1) Main shaft:

It is the shaft (Shaft is that part of a machine usually related to gears and    performs the duty of transmitting rotary motion) which is used as an output shaft which is kept parallel to lay shaft and is placed in front of the clutch shaft. (Clutch performs the purpose of stopping power transmission when gear shifting is needed). The change of gear is usually performed by these shaft as it’s connected to the gear lever.




2) Clutch Shaft:

It is the shaft that carries engine output to the gearbox in fact the engagement and disengagement of the engine output occurs with the help of clutch and that is carried out to the gearbox by clutch shaft.







3) Lay shaft:

It is that particular shaft through which the output of engine is transferred to   main shaft because of continuous meshing of it with the clutch shaft. (Meshing is basically the friction of one gear with the other gear.)






4) Gears:

Gears are the connecting circles that are toothed and does the meshing with one another gears of the shaft to transmit the circular motion. There are various types of gears used based on the purpose of it its use inside the gearbox for example: Spur gear, helical gear, Bevel gear, Worm gear etc.







5) Gear lever:

The main operation of the gearbox is controlled by the gearlever. The driver controls the shifting of gear by the help of the lever based on the necessity of reducing and increasing the speed of the car by bringing changes in the gearbox through gear shifting.






To conclude these were all the basic and the main parts of a gear box of any type.


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