Comfort Zone Vs Career Change

“True self-discovery begins where your comfort zone ends”

                                                                                               – Adam Braun

A Comfort zone means a familiar state where people can control their environment of work, experiencing levels that give them comfort and bring them a successful career. But when one tries to move on to another field or job, they face many difficulties. Thus a big controversy lies between comfort zones and career change.

We all have our comfort zone. The Comfort zone means the behavioral, psychological, and emotional space of ourselves. It can be hobbies, academics, or the field we love to work in. People are more capable in their field and thus choice gives him much joy and relaxation. They know the process, environment, and everything of their desired fields of work. And obviously, it gives them a successful life and perfect career growth where there is less risk and stress.

But is that the end?

In this modern world, we have to know about many technologies, their advantages-disadvantages, usages, etc. But if we stick with our comfort zone only, it will be so problematic as technologies are changing day by day. That’s why we all have to cope with new ones and it indicates the part –career change which is so important. People are capable of doing work in their comfort zone surely but what about other fields? If they come out from their zone, they may learn new skills which are also beneficial for their career growth and professional area. 

Why should we come out of our comfort zone?

It will provide one with several benefits like –

  • To explore new careers: 

When you are engaged in the same job for a long time, your brain gets stuck. It can’t even think of new things. It makes you unproductive and lazy as there is no variation in your work. By exploring different careers, you can keep yourself productive, update, and energetic as well.

  •  To gain new skills : 

In this modern world, people who are so skilled are capable of facing more challenges. Moving out from your comfort zone can enhance you to be more skilled in different sectors which are related or not related to your profession.

  • To boost your career: 

Practicing new skills can boost up your CV as well as your career also. It will help you to build up yourself properly making you more efficient. Thus, you’ll be capable of gaining the career goal of your life easily.

  • Improves self-satisfaction: 

Moving out from your comfort zone helps you to improve your self-satisfaction. It encourages you to be capable of in professional life, also creates your self-satisfaction, self-development, and personal growth.

  • Enhances creativity: 

When you are stuck in the same field and do the same works daily and relentlessly, it makes your brain dull. As a result, there is no learning and enjoyment. To get the exploration and experimentation of the world you just need to enhance your creativity by accepting new challenges, new careers.

  • To gain self-confidence: 

When you’ll leave your comfort zone, a positive mindset is a must. Many negative thoughts, people’s contempt may try to disturb you but you should be focused on your goal and this positive mentality will help you a lot to learn. It will decrease your stress, anxiety and this positive aspiration will make you confident.

  • To cope with many new ones: 

This practice will help you to build up networking with many news like new people, new groups, new jobs, and new ways to success. Engaging in different activities that are new to you is so important as it will give you new experiences always. Thus, you’ll be introduced to so many explorations.

  •  To deal with the change:

Though many of us feel so uncomfortable with changes, change is a must. Change is inevitable in our lives and we have to accept it. When you push out from your comfort zone continuously, it will be so easier to accept different changes. So, if a big change comes to your life, don’t worry. You are capable of dealing with this sudden and big change.

  •  Know thyself:

When you’ll step out of your comfort zone, you’ll be able to discover yourself newly. You’ll know your fear, your passion, your capabilities of doing something great, your limitations, etc. Actually, trying new things and new experiments can help you to know more about yourself. Thus you can find out your weak points and can easily try to solve them.

Now, how is it possible to move out of your comfort zone?

Here are some ideas for achieving new things from getting out of your comfort zone –

  • Change your daily routine
  • Learn new skills
  • Physical and mental change
  • Take the advice of others
  • Overcome fear and limitations
  • Broaden your mind
  • Be confident always
  • Attending different meetings
  • Meeting with new people, new friends
  • Sharing your ideas and listen to other’s idea also
  • Try some new skills and thought
  • Having positive mentality 

A Comfort zone isn’t always bad for your career. Even it keeps you stress-free, happy. But the problem begins when you don’t want to achieve new goals, challenge yourself except the knowing zone only. If you don’t take risks, you won’t be able to cope up with new technologies, modern skills. So, if you want to overcome these problems, you should overcome the comfort zones. And that’s the only way to reach your potential, grow your abilities.

Lastly, it is so tough for one to cope with a new field in the meaning of reality, but remaining in one’s comfort zone for long can derail his career. So, what are you waiting for!! Let’s embrace new experiences in new skills to enrich your career and change your life. Thus, it may bring new excitement and experience to you and open the door to new opportunities. 

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