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Do you face trouble understanding any subject of study? Do you ever feel that you’re wasting all the time trying to understand a single topic all day? Don’t worry. Not only you some so many people are facing this problem. To get out of this common problem “Feynman Technique” is so popular to understand and learn any topic so easily following only 4 steps. 

So, let’s get into the blog –

“The Feynman Technique” indicates a method to learn, understand and remember any topic of study easily. This method is named after Richard Feynman, a theoretical physicist and one of the best scientists in the world. In 1965, he won a Nobel prize for his contribution to Quantum Electrodynamics. He has also contributed to various topics in physics such as particle physics, superfluidity, quantum mechanics, quantum aerodynamics and so on. Not only that, he had the ability to grasp any complex information easily. However, he had a better understanding and explanation level of any topic so that he was called “The Great Explainer”.

Feynman Technique has 4 steps which are really very easy to follow as well as to understand. Any single person will be benefited from it as it is so useful self-learning technique.


              Choose a concept:

In the first step, select a topic then take a sheet of paper and write down the topic name at the top of the page. Then- 

  • If you read the topic for the first time, proceed to read it in your own style. For the first time reading, this technique doesn’t provide very much tactics actually. In this case, you should read the topic clearly and try to understand then you can follow the technique.
  • But if you already have studied the lesson, it will be helpful for you. You should write down all the details about the topic. You should write all the points you have already known or have studied. You can use bullet points or numbering methods to point out the details. It will help you to figure out the important part to notice more attentively.


              Teach a toddler:

This part is so interesting. Imagine, an invisible student is sitting in front of you who wants to know the lesson details and you are the teacher to teach him! Here you can use a mirror also to teach yourself too or without using a mirror, you can also assume that you’re your teacher. Sounds great right! Actually, here you have to play a role of a virtual teacher with enough confidence. This will help you to be a confident presenter and also in this process, you will be able to find out the gap of your study. This will also help you to understand the lesson clearly and remove all the doubts.


              Review the unknown:

In the selected lesson if you get anything unknown, grab the material or book to clear your idea. Put some effort to clear the idea and brush up on your knowledge. Read the study material twice or thrice times to remove all the confusion and know the unknown. This will take some time but in future, you’ll never be confused about the topic. After reviewing all the unknown, you can put them into your note also. 



             Explain and review again:

In the last step, you should be capable of explaining the topic clearly to anyone in a simple way. Here you can assume a virtual student again and you have to make understand the topic very simply but perfectly. You must cover the theme so you can use many examples, simple words, pictures also. You should ask yourself some questions and try to answer them.

If you’re able to answer them, then you’re studying is properly done but if you can’t you should read them again very carefully and attentively. Thus the Feynman Technique really helps individuals to understand, read, remember and know the topic clearly.

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