Learning the basic structure of an automobile engine

There are different types of automobile engines but the structure of all the engines are almost the same but the difference is in the types of it. Either it be a V-type engine or an inline engine but the structures are almost the same but in case of rotary engine the exceptions are in the piston in normal automobile engines and rotors being used in rotary engine otherwise overall structures are almost the same.

Now let’s know about the basic parts of the automobile engine;


Pistons are the hearts of an engine which is present in almost all kinds of engine. The main function of these engine part is to transfer the expanding force of produced gas from the burning fuel to the crankshaft with the help of piston rods. Here the piston rods and piston heads together form piston.







Crankshaft holds the pistons over it which performs the function of converting the rotating motion of the piston into linear motion. Mainly the crankshaft is housed inside the cylinder block of the engine.








Camshafts are present above the cylinder blocks which is connected to the crankshaft with the timing belt pulley which operates the intake and exhaust valves in mechanically controlled ignition system. The automobile engine is mainly the mechanically controlled ignition system.







  Cylinder block:

Cylinder block or engine block is the housing of the crankshaft and the pistons where the main combustion of the engine occurs where the oil gets sprayed and exploded and the piston rotates due to it and then the rotation is shifted to crankshaft which converts it to linear motion than it’s carried to the gear box.







Cylinder head:

 Cylinder head sits above the cylinder block which helps to form the combustion chamber of the engine. It is attached to the block with the help of gaskets. It is covered with cylinder head cover at the top of it.







Oil pan:

Oil pan is the reservoir of the automobile engine which sits below the cylinder block which collects the oil distributed during the  movement of engine parts.







Turbo charger:

Turbo charger or the air compressors works as the provider of oxygen to the cylinder to burn more fuel besides that it also controls pressure or density of the air entering inside the cylinder.








Crankshaft and Camshaft belt pulley:

It’s known as the timing belt pulley which mainly controls the rotation of the crankshaft and the camshaft so that by their rotation the opening and closing of the valves are controlled during each inlet and exhaust strokes.








Alternator is the main electricity provider at the car engine although most of us think of the battery first but the main electricity providing task is carried out by the alternator. In fact the alternator works as the generator distributing electricity to the car and the battery. It is also attached with the timing belt which helps it to rotate along with the crankshaft and the camshaft.







Inlet and exhaust manifold:

Intake manifold works as the air intake and fuel delivery system as a result proper air-fuel mixture is created for combustion.







Exhaust manifold works as the collector of the combusted gas from the multiple cylinders of the engine   and later out transferred out through one pipe.








Starter motor:

The sound of the engine that is created during starting of the car occurs by this part of the engine. It is the main part of an engine which helps to start the engine connected with the crankshaft. It provides energy to rotate the crankshaft at the beginning than later on it is disconnected as soon as the engine starts. Engine cannot start all by itself so it has to rely on starter motor initially to start the operation.


This were the basic parts of a car engine but there are even more parts of an automobile engine. We can know about them looking at this picture:

So that was all about the basic parts of an automobile engine.

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