Bangladesh Aquaculture Activity Benefits from Blockchain Technology

WorldFish, in collaboration with ByteAlly Software of Chennai, has built a blockchain traceability system for a new fast-growing type of carp aquaculture among chosen participants in Jessore, Bangladesh.

The goal is to establish a traceable environment by collecting market-relevant data from all aquaculture supply chain players via mobile and online applications.Bangladesh Aquaculture Activity (BAA) is a five-year PIO activity (2018-2023) with $24.5 million in financing from the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

BAA is active in 21 districts in southern Bangladesh and two in the southeast.

Using a market systems approach, the BAA enhances the lives of fish farmers and other aquaculture market participants in a sustainable manner.The aquaculture business gathers a significant quantity of data, but because crucial data is largely available, properly using it remains difficult. Blockchain technology has the potential to play a key role in the collection and analysis of this data.

ByteAlly conducted considerable research, with a representative visiting 30 farms to learn about their day-to-day operations.Bigstock is a stock photography company that specializes on representational photography.The project’s objective is to promote long-term, beneficial aquaculture sector growth using an inclusive market systems approach.This initiative attempts to create confidence among market participants in order to use clean data by appropriately optimizing supply.

Data may be entered into the program at three different levels: brooders, nurseries, and grow-out farms. Training manuals have been created for all three participants, as well as live phone assistance for farmers.To share their important results, ByteAlly recently hosted a webinar with industry experts, logistics stakeholders, small enterprises, and IT solution businesses.

The event’s attendees provided good feedback on food safety awareness. It is proposed that active involvement in the formation of a Blockchain for Food Traceability Forum be requested.They are also working on simple smartphone apps for farmers that will submit data to blockchain networks.


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