Bangladesh is ranked second in South Asia in the Cyber Security Index

With the growing global adoption of the Internet and other information and communication technologies, cybercrime is developing as a danger to personal data held in computers, with the potential to disrupt whole data systems. Such crimes are committed even in the United States, one of the most technologically sophisticated countries. Bangladesh, being a developing country, is also vulnerable to cybercrime, which might threaten the country’s national security. As the incumbent government strives to ensure internet connectivity at all government institutions by 2021, adhering to the government’s motto of “Digital Bangladesh,” an increasing number of national and multinational corporations are offering online services to their customers via the internet, in line with the government’s agenda. With the increased rate of internet penetration, everything from shopping to banking is just a click away. Criminals, on the other hand, are exploiting the internet platform to perform various types of illegal acts such as phishing, hacking, and stealing personal data. As a result, both state-owned and private enterprises may fall victim to cyber-attacks, affecting the lives of the entire population. Furthermore, 90 percent of software in the nation is unlicensed, which increases the danger of cybercrime due to a vulnerable security issue.


However Bangladesh has moved from 73rd to 65th in the UK-based National Cyber Security Ranking’s global cybersecurity index (NCSI).


According to a press release, the index was created by the NCSI to measure nations’ preparation for fundamental cyber-attacks as well as their efforts in handling cybercrime and significant emergencies.


National Cyber Threat Identification, National Cyber Security System and Capability Identification, Selection of Important and Measurable Issues, Cyber Security Indications, and Development of Cyber Security Indicators are the five-step indicators upon which the rankings are based.

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