Microsoft Teams is adding more hybrid work enhancements

Microsoft is working to improve the remote meeting experience in Microsoft Teams, including enhanced camera support and other upgrades that will allow you to stay in meetings 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Microsoft Teams will soon be updated to enable intelligent cameras, after the release of Together Mode last year and a vision for the future of meetings earlier this year. These cameras, which will be supplied by partners such as Jabra, Neat, Poly, and Yealink, will support AI-powered active speaker tracking, multiple video feeds, and people identification.

They are the sort of cameras that can really deliver on some of Microsoft’s promises for the future of meetings, allowing cameras in conference rooms to recognize who is in the room and speaking by using audio, facial motions, and gestures. These cameras are intended to better and bridge the gap between remote and in-person meetings, as more companies seek to establish a balance between the two.

Microsoft Teams for mobile is being upgraded as well, with easy access to chat, live reactions, and the Microsoft Whiteboard. According to Microsoft, this improved companion mode will also offer simpler access to options such as mute and camera on/off and will be available “in the coming months.”


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