Spotify will be integrated into a new Windows 11 feature

Spotify will be integrated into a new Windows 11 feature, according to Microsoft. Microsoft’s head of Windows and Devices, Panos Panay, previewed the Focus Sessions Windows 11 feature on Twitter last week, and it appears to be a new way to focus on projects and work. Focus Sessions offers Spotify integration, allowing you to set a timer to go through chores while listening to a Spotify playlist.

Microsoft has not yet begun testing Focus Sessions in public releases of Windows 11, although it looks to be included in the operating system’s Clock app from the video Panay displayed on his Twitter. It appears to be using the Pomodoro Technique, a time management strategy that divides work into smaller pieces with brief breaks.

There are currently a number of Pomodoro applications and websites available that allow you to allocate time to concentrate on a list of chores. Microsoft’s Spotify integration could be a way for the firm to separate apart from the throng.

It’s also the first substantial Spotify integration in Windows since Microsoft discontinued its Groove Music service in 2017. Microsoft collaborated with Spotify at the time to migrate Groove Music members and playlists to the competing music streaming service. Microsoft and Spotify have previously collaborated on a Windows 10 app as well as a separate app for Xbox platforms.

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