Take a look at this virtual reality software that allows you to explore space

Researchers at Switzerland’s Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) have developed a digital map that allows visitors to travel through space, past the Moon, Saturn, galaxies, and the International Space Station.
The created program, known as the ‘Virtual Reality Universe Project,’ (VIRUP), connects the universe’s greatest data set to create three-dimensional, panoramic views of space.

The virtual map was created by EPFL Software engineers, astrophysicists, and experimental museology experts working together. It can be accessed and viewed using individual VR headsets, immersion systems such as panoramic cinema with 3D glasses, planetarium-like dome screens, or simply on a PC for two-dimensional viewing.

Jean-Paul Kneib, Director of the EPFL’s Astrophysics Laboratory, emphasized the significance of the new program when he said:

“The novelty of this project was putting all the data sets available into one framework, when you can see the universe at different scales — nearby us, around the Earth, around the solar system, at the Milky Way level, to see through the universe and time up to the beginning — what we call the Big Bang,” says the author.

Let’s see what we can come up with: When you think of a Google Universe, do you think of a type of illusion license? When the concept creators came up with it, standing on a platform and seeing oneself nearly instantly on a huge screen appeared to be an illusion. This may be sufficient in this case.

Computer algorithms are known to generate terabytes of data and pictures that appear three feet away or virtually endlessly away, similar to you sitting back and staring at the entire cosmos.

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