With its new machine learning program Codex, OpenAI can translate English into code

OpenAI, an AI research firm, has released a new machine learning tool that transforms the English language into code. The software, dubbed Codex, is intended to help skilled programmers speed up their work while also assisting novices in getting started with coding.

OpenAI uses Codex to demonstrate how the software can be used to construct small websites and beginner games using simple language, as well as translate between multiple programming languages and handle data science questions. Users enter English instructions into the program, such as “build a webpage with a menu on the side and a headline at the top,” and Codex converts them to code.The application seems far from perfect and requires some patience to use, but it has the potential to make coding faster and more accessible.

OpenAI utilized an older version of Codex to create Copilot, a tool for GitHub owned by Microsoft, which is also a close collaborator of OpenAI. Copilot is similar to Gmail’s autocomplete capabilities in that it suggests ways to finish lines of code as users write them. OpenAI’s new Codex, on the other hand, is far more sophisticated and adaptable, capable of not only finishing but also generating code.

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