Solar Panel Instalment on a Roof

In the power sector of every country in modern days reduction on the fuel based electrical supply are being reduced and to meet up the reduced energy renewable energies are now playing vital role to create a sustainable solution in the energy uses. One of the major uses of solar energy are seen nowadays which is the available renewable energy which we can directly use to our meter grid through instalment of solar panels at our roof top of home & industries.

Let’s have a brief study on the procedure of solar panel instalment on a rooftop:

Firstly we have to calculate how much energy we are actually wanting to add to the main grid of the electric supply of our houses or industry as a result we can place the number of panels required to meet up the power which we are wanting to add firstly the solar panel are placed on the roof top for example let’s take a number of ten solar panels each have a power of 250 watts now which means total of 2500 watts or 2.5 Kilowatt power can be obtained by completing the instalment process therefore we are placing ten solar panels through solar mounting where solar mounting means positioning the solar panels with the iron stands on an inclined position so that sun rays are collected directly by the panels and the panels are attached with the stands through welding.

Okay now let’s have look at this picture where we have taken four panels of 500 watts so a total of 2 Kilowatt energy is being captured by the panels.

Here in this single line diagram the positive pole (second row first one in the row) is connected to the negative pole ( first row first one in the row)  and following that the rest other combination of circuit connection is completed and the positive and negative wire which are not connected they are connected to the positive and negative connection point of the solar grid inverter which converts the DC voltage to usable AC voltage at home where from the inverter another connection is brought out to be connected with the meter bridge and from there on it gets connected to the circuit breaker and the connection is completed through the connection with the input section of the grid finally after completion of the connection the solar power is added to the electric supply of the home or industry a person is expecting to add. That’s how a solar panel installment is completed on the roof top of houses or industries.

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